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Best Hermes Replica Handbags Online Shopping Store – Hermes replica Birkin? Kelly? Hermès has experienced more than 170 years of baptism, from a small horse shop in Paris to the current top luxury brands, during which a large number of classic works have been accumulated. The following is a detailed interpretation of the Hermes bag and the leather, and its unique charm.  Spring and Summer 2015 Hermes main push: Halzan Hermes bag interpretation 1 Platinum bag (Birkin): Hermes most famous bag Named after the French female singer Jane Birkin, the bag is known for its excellent workmanship and practicality. Each platinum bag is engraved with the year on the buckled strap.

Price range: 4w-100w Time to market: 1984 Size: Birkin Mini: 20.5x13x12cm Birkin 25:25x20x13cm Birkin 30:30x22x16cm Birkin 35:35x25x18cm Birkin 40:40x30x21cm Birkin 45:45x30x21cm (Birkin extended handle travel version) 2 Kelly bag ( Kelly): Hermès’s first bag was renamed Kelly for being used by Grace Kelly of Monaco. Later, it became the inspiration for other products, and launched Kelly clutches, watches, jewelry, women’s and other products. Price range: 4w-30w Time to market: 1892 (prototype) Size: Kelly Mini: 22x13x7cm Kelly 25:25x17x7cm Kelly 28:28x22x10cm Kelly 32:32x23x10.5cm Kelly 35:35x24x12cm Kelly 40:40x28x16cm Kelly 50:50x34x25cm

birkin bag replica Hermes – Kelly’s derivative series 3 Lindy: Hermes’s most famous lady’s bag Hermès’s most famous lady’s bag is more relaxed and elegant. The size can be adjusted, the degree of freedom is quite high, and the side pockets can accommodate small objects, which is quite practical.

Price range: 3.6w-21w Time to market: 2007 Size: Lindy 26:26x18x12cm Lindy 30:30x19x15cm Lindy 34:34x21x15cm There is also a travel version of Lindy 45, boys should be more suitable. 4 Constance: Hermes’ hardest-to-buy bag What is Hermès’ most difficult bag to buy? Constance! Small and easy to carry, the “H” logo is very personal. However, it is not difficult to buy because there are too many people to buy, but the output is too small. Many stores do not exceed 5 in one year.

Price range: 4.7w-15w Time to market: 1959 Size: Constance 14:14x10x3cm Constance 18:18x15x4cm Constance 23:23x17x5cm 5 Garden Party: Hermes’ most rustic bag is casual, with soft leather and canvas. Material selection, large capacity, suitable for travel and leisure. The appearance is simple and simple, although it is not as noble and fashionable as Platinum and Kelly, it is also unique.

Price range: 1.1w-3w Time to market: 1997 Size: TTPM: 26x15x10cm TPM: 30x21x13cm PM: 36x26x17cm MM: 45x31x20cm GM: 50x33x24cm 6 Evelyne: Hermes minimalist bag is cheap and practical Satchel, suitable for petty white-collar women. Excellent quality, perforated H shape is unique, and the recognition is also very high.

Hermes Replica Evelyne Handbags – Evelyne is divided into three categories I, II, and III according to the style. Evelyne I: The most basic style, no zipper, a small pocket inside the bag (not in the TPM), the length of the shoulder strap is not adjustable. Evelyne II: Compared with I, a pocket is added on the outer side (inside), the small pocket inside is removed, and the length of the shoulder strap is not adjustable. Evelyne III: Like the II, the adjustable length of the shoulder strap has been added to the market.

Price range: 1.2w-3w Time to market: 1978 Size: Evelyne TPM: 17x18x5.5cm Evelyne PM: 28x30x9cm Evelyne GM: 32x30x9cm Evelyne TGM: 40x39x10cm 7 Jypsiere: Hermes’ most youthful bag is very casual and young The style is mostly made of Clemence cowhide, which is small and exquisite, and can be worn on one shoulder or on the back. The shape is three-dimensional, and there are more colors to choose from. It is a very youthful bag.

Bolide replica hermes bags – Price range: 4w-7w Time to market: 2010 8 Bowling bag (Bolide): Hermes’ most elegant bag Bolide is Hermès’ first zippered bag, which is stiffer, more choice in size and has a long history. Based on the traditional aesthetic design, it exudes an elegant temperament, narrow and wide, suitable for placement on the seat.

Price range: 2.2w-3.8w Time to market: 1923 Size: Bolide 15:15x12x7cm Bolide 21:21x15x7.5cm Bolide 27:27x20x10cm Bolide 31:31x25x12cm Bolide 37:37x27x14cm Bolide 47:47x35x24cm 9 Picotin Lock: Hermès’s most different bags are designed in a simple and generous bucket shape. They are very three-dimensional and look a bit like the Chinese 80’s vegetable basket, so they are affectionately called the baskets. Made from Taurillon calfskin, it is soft, abrasion resistant and very waterproof.

Price range: 1.5w-2.5w Time to market: 2002 Size: PM: 18x13x18cm MM: 22x21x18cm GM: 26x26x21cm 10 Herbag: Hermès’s most academic bag Herbag has two kinds, one is a backpack (called Herbag A Do, It has been discontinued. One is a one-shoulder backpack (which is in a state of being snapped up all the year round). Generally it is the material of cowhide + canvas, the color is relatively bright, and the handle has a shoulder strap, which is very practical.

Herbag  replica hermes bags – Price range: 9k-2.1w Time to market: 1998 Size: Herbag TPM: 19×21.5x7cm Herbag PM: 31x25x10cm Herbag MM: 39x31x15cm Herbag GM: 52x36x20cm 11 Toolbox: Hermes’s cutest bag Toolbox is called milk box, very A fun and cute package that is small and very popular. The design with rotating clasps, metal plates and spring hooks is as clean as a toolbox.


Price range: 4w-6.6w Time to market: 2010 Size: Toolbox 20:20x21x15cm Toolbox 26:26x29x18cm Toolbox 33:33x37x23cm 12 Massai Cut: Hermes’s most lady bag Massai Cut with two shoulder straps that can be worn on the shoulders or It is suitable for daily use.

Hermès replica cortex interprets all kinds of leathers of Hermès. Let us understand it one time… First, cowhide 1. Natural cowhide: no leather processing 1 Togo adult cowhide (neck skin), the surface is similar to lychee, the shape is very It is straight and hard, the leather particles are relatively large, the color is very rich, and it has a little luster. Representative products: Platinum bag, men’s bag 2 Clemence commonly known as TC skin or big cow, more delicate than Togo, oily and softer, so slightly drooping, easy to maintain, less color than Togo. Representative products: Lindy bag, gypsy bag, bowling bag

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Fjord is also cowhide, but the particles are not so three-dimensional and soft. The advantage is waterproof, rain is not afraid, the water will naturally roll down. Representative products: Platinum bag, sky garden bag, men bag 4 Negonda small male cowhide, the particles are relatively small and clear. Representative products: Sky Garden Bag 2. Hard cowhide: strong and durable, relatively heavy package 1 Epsom Commonly known as palm print, hard and fine grained cowhide, harder than Togo. The color is always deeper than other cortex and is more resistant to wear. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

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