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Guarantee Hermes Replica Bags

Processing Your Product Order

Once we confirmed the payment of your order ,our after-sale commissioner will will process your order .To ensure everything is correct with your order ,we will send you payment confirmation to confirm the info with you again.

Testing Your Products

After confirming everything is fine with your order we will take the stock from the factory .Before shipment we will double check the hardware ,stichs,zipper etc.Make sure you will get the perfect bag from our website.

Everything is first routed to our International Distribution Center where a highly-trained inspection team evaluates your products based on strict protocols and inspection requirements. And our requirements are high: only 80 percent of initially selected products are given our stamp of approval at this stage

Did we get your order right? Before we begin packing, we do a thorough check to match orders correctly.

Our own Quality Control team then gives your product another inspection, inside and out, following strict protocols and requirements.

If the product meets our standards, we give it our stamp of approval. It’s now ready to be shipped off to you!

Outline of our Q.C. protocols

Packing Your Products

Consider the uncertain effect might happen during the shipment ,we will use some air boll to fill inside the bag to make sure the bag stay in fine condition and use a carbon box to wrap the bags .You will get the bag in perfect condition even after a long transportation.

Tracking Your Products

After shipment we will email you the tracking NO. within 48hours and we will keep monitoring your parcel until it delivery to you safely. Your valid telephone number is appreciated here Once your parcel was attempted delivery.Our after-sale commissioner will informed you in time about this issue .

With our guarantee here,you will have a wonderful shopping experience in our website .

Leccrin Inspectors at Work

As can be seen from the pictures below, our professional team work non-stop around the clock to make sure your products are up to the standards you require and deserve.